R4 - Ladomírová - Hunkovce (SK)

The bearing structure of the bridge consists of a double-beam with a bridge of 120.4 m and a span of fields of 27.0 m + 2x34.0 m + 27.0 m without skew. It is a prestressed bridge pre-tensioned in two stages.

The second object is a retaining wall. It is a angular wall based on reinforced concrete piles. Ensuring of slope stability is also part of the project. Objects were processed in DSP stage.

R4 - Prešov - North bypass (SK)

The gravity wall is made of gabion baskets. It is based on the gravel subtype. The height of the gabion is variable in the longitudinal direction (3.4 m - 7.23 m).
At the time of construction, it was proposed to secure the slope by gradual excavation on the tracts, anchoring with rock nails and spraying with reinforced sprayed concrete . The total length of the wall is 102.0 m. The object was processed in DRS.

Realisation de la penetrante autoroutiere reliant Batna a L´Autoroute Est-Ouest (Algeria)

Two-span reinforced concrete bridge with a span of 17.862 m and an angle of 60.0 °. The cross-section consists of 7 reinforced concrete beams composited with deck. The calculation was made according to Algerian standards in combination with European standards. The building was realized in the level of DRS (Documentation of construction realization).

D3 - Žilina (Strážov) - Žilina (Brodno) - (SK)

Independent static assessment of temporary structures (Pižmo support rings, Peri) for a section length of approx. 150 m and an assessment of the formwork of the superstructure at the time of the bridge construction. Independent static assessment for VTD degree.

Lávka cez Litavku - Beroun (CZ)

Steel arched footbridge for pedestrian with suspended bridge deck connecting the city center with the bus station. The footbridge was designed in DRS degree.

R55 - Stavba 5507 Babice - Staré Město (CZ)

Three-span bridge with a span of 12 m + 16 m + 12 m with an inclination of 84.6 °. The superstructure consists of an additionally prestressed monolithic deck with a constant height of 0.9 m and a width of 13.625 m. The bridge was processed in DSP degree.




Ing. Miškovčík