Two-storey family house. In the glazed part it is formed by a reinforced concrete frame to bridge a larger span (13+ m). One-stage project.

Hall modifications - Peugeot DS Multibrand

These are interventions into the supporting structure of the existing hall by opening the space and replacing the supporting elements together with the strengthening of the excessively stressed elements of the supporting structure. Realization documentation.

Hall - Vrbové

It is an extension of the existing hall in Vrbove. The hall is designed as a steel structure with the exception of the administrative part, which is designed as a brick with mounted ceramic ceiling. The truss span is 13.5 m. Level of project documentation - Building permit documentation.

Gym - Limbach

It is a steel structure composed of steel frames. The supporting elements are made of rolled profiles. The columns are based on two-stage reinforced concrete feet. The frame span is 16.2 m. Realization documentation.

Stork nest - Hniezdne

Our company has developed a static assessment for wood construction. It is a playground in NESTVILLE PARK in Hniezdne. 

House - Skalica

Two-storey family house with ground floor area of 1st floor 254 m2 and 2nd floor 88,4 m2. The assessment was focused on supporting reinforced concrete elements (slabs, lintels, wreaths), concrete steel beams (HEB), steel columns. Foundation of the building was designed as flat on foundation strips and foundation slab. One-stage project.

House - Záhorská Bystrica

This is a one-storey house with a floor area of 228.5 square meters. Various materials such as reinforced concrete, steel, wooden beams and glass roofing of the terrace were used in the design. In the structural part, reinforced concrete elements , steel columns, wooden beams of roof terrace were solved. Foundation of the structure was solved as shallow foundation on strips and the base plate. One-stage project.