We use IDEA to design steel connections and individual joint stiffnesses for steel structures. We also use the information transfer between the SCIA model and the IDEA joint design. 

The program enables detailed analysis of simple and complex structures using the finite element method for calculation of internal forces and dimensioning of elements. It provides modern methods of analysis of stability, dynamics, seismic effects and many others. It also allows you to link to Allplan to transmit 3D model information (BIM)

Allplan Engineering is used for 3D reinforcement of structural elements using BIM technology. It is an effective way of using the interconnection of individual programs, eliminating collisions, saving time and money.

Geo5 is software that focuses on solving geotechnical calculations such as slope stability problems, designing shallow and deep foundations, and others.

AutoCad LT 2020 is used to edit and ship drawings in 2D space.